Colin Smith

Colin Smith

North Texas Estate Planning & Probate Attorney
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Son, grandson, nephew, Longhorn, software consultant, husband, father, soccer coach, and scout leader are all titles held by Colin Smith prior to his pursuit of one of his newest titles:  attorney. Shaping him into the person he is today, each role played an influential role not only in Colin’s ability and desire to earn his law degree, but also in his favorite area of practice.

Early Life & Upbringing Ignited Lifelong Passions for Law & Helping Others

Growing up in Houston, Texas, Colin was raised by his Mom with daily support from his grandparents, all of whom taught him the value of hard work and fostered his love of family and passion to help others. When Colin was a teenager, his aunt, an attorney and his mentor, introduced him to a patent law attorney. Colin loved the way patent law fused law with technology. He went on to complete his undergraduate studies at The University of Texas at Austin, obtained a computer science degree, and worked as a software consultant for ten years. He gained a reputation for solving difficult problems with a personal touch and enjoyed his career; however, patent law was always in the back of his mind.

He moved to Dallas in 1997 and soon acquired two of his favorite titles: husband and father. He and his wife Angela recently celebrated 14 years of marriage and are the proud parents of a 10-year old son and 6-year-old daughter. Throughout his career, Colin’s interest in combining his technical background with patent law continued to grow. While working full time and raising young children, Colin returned to the classroom on nights and weekends, earning his law degree from Southern Methodist University in 2010.

Estate & Business Planning: Practicing Law While Helping Others

As he worked in various areas of law, he continued to be drawn to estate and business planning. He finds it very rewarding to help families plan and take care of each other for the future, and he credits his close relationship with his grandparents as a key factor in this passion. Growing up, he spent time at his grandparents’ home every day, listening, watching, and benefiting from their wisdom and strong ethics and values; and learning important skills like woodworking, one of his favorite hobbies today. Colin’s ability to connect with people and develop a strong rapport, along with his experience and keen sensitivity to their needs, feelings, and situations, make him an ideal choice as an estate planning attorney. It goes without saying that these are delicate, difficult, and important end-of-life decisions that require finesse and wisdom.

A Unique Background & Skill Set Ideal for the Job

Colin’s education and consulting background have provided a strong foundation that translates well into his law practice. His attention to detail and utilization of his professional and personal experience enable him to guide his clients in the directions best suited to their wishes and needs. Knowledgeable and thorough, he has been described as an outstanding spokesman for the advantages of estate planning, especially living trusts.

Notable Professional Associations, Community Involvement, Hobbies & Interests

Colin is a member of the State Bar of Texas, Dallas Bar Association, and the Dallas Trial Lawyers Association. In his free time, he enjoys golfing with his children, leading a Cub Scout den, attending University of Texas football and Texas Rangers games, participating in local alumni activities and fundraisers, and woodworking.