Jobs, age, and disability prevent some clients from seeing us during the day.  We believe in personal attention, personal service, and going the extra mile.  That is why we are available to meet clients after hours or outside of our office.  

Legal matters involve making tough decisions.  If you’re comfortable with us, you will be comfortable with our work.  That’s why the first consultation is always free.  Come in and visit.

Laws and circumstances change over time.  Legal documents should change with them. After your case is complete, we will call you every two years.  If any changes are necessary, we can identify and address them.

Technology has changed many things.  In business, it’s often said that there is no standing still; if you’re not moving forward, you’re moving backwards.  The same is true in our profession.

Estate planning has evolved.  Traditional estate planning deals with inheritances and taxes.  There’s more to estate planning than money.  When relatives pass away, they take a wealth of knowledge with them.  Disability wreaks havoc on families.  Therefore, all of our clients receive detailed, written explanations of each document.  Each estate plan contains several forms for each family to fill out.  These documents capture the history and qualities that make each person unique.  A will is useless after probate.  Other documents may expire at incapacity or death.  Memories and values can be preserved for generations.  If not now, then when?

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